Broker to the Stars


Anchors / Reporters: Sue Simmons (NBC), Michael Garguilo (NBC), Chris Wragge (CBS), Kristine Johnson (CBS) / Pei-Sze Chang (NBC), Mary Calvi (CBS)

Story Background: Linda Stein was found dead, lying in a pool of blood in her apartment on Manhattan's Upper East Side.

Police confirm she suffered blunt impact trauma to the head and neck. EMS pronounced the 62-year-old DOA when they arrived late Tuesday at the building. The medical examiner ruled the death a homicide on Wednesday. Natavia Lowry, 26, has confessed to the crime.

"Lowry said that she was retrieving e-mail for Stein from a computer when Stein approached blowing marijuana smoke in her face, yelling at her to hurry," NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly said. "Lowry also claimed that Stein used profanity and derogatory language. And that she waved an object that was described as a 'yoga stick' at her."

"At this point, Lowry said she grabbed the yoga stick from Stein's hands and struck her with it six or seven times."